Heathcote II

In 2020, Amalfi Records and Gene Shill partnered with Heathcote II to produce an album of original music for their Shiraz 2017. Based on the tasting notes, the album reflects the nuances and characteristics of the wine and presents a new immersive approach to pairing. Purchase a bottle, stream the music, and read the Listening Notes via the links below for this new and unique way to experience wine and music. Reward your senses.



EUROPE: Vinoble

For orders to the USA and other jurisdictions please contact us here.

To celebrate the launch of the album, and as the wine is available exclusively direct from Heathcote II, Amalfi Records are giving media, VIP event organisers and reviewers the chance to receive a free bottle of Heathcote II Shiraz 2017.

Experience Heathcote II for yourself at your next soirée.   All you have to do is write your review by no later than 15 April 2021. It’s that easy.

To express your interest in receiving a free bottle of Heathcote II, send Amalfi Records a note with your details.